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1. ColorSplash

photo iphone apps 01 10 Fun Photo Applications for iPhone

Not the most comprehensive app on the market, but a useful one. Basically, color splash is a color editing program that allow yous you to mix black and white with color photos. You simply open the picture you want in the app, highlight what you want black and white and convert it. The rest you can keep colored. It is easy to use and the look from such a simple effect can be pretty breathtaking.

2. iSwap Faces

photo iphone apps 02 10 Fun Photo Applications for iPhone

A silly one, this app is great for just messing around. It allows you to select two or more subjects and have them swap faces. I mean that literally; it cuts out the face and fits it to the head of the other person, leaving everything else (including hair) intact. It is much better that other apps that completely switched the heads.

3. Face Melter

photo iphone apps 03 10 Fun Photo Applications for iPhone

This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It takes the face from your picture, enlarges it, and then melts it into a strange and twisted expression. The effect is actually kind of creepy, as it has a way to enhancing certain features while blurring others. Especially around the eyes and mouth. It is kind of like looking into a fun house mirror from close up.

4. Stachetastic

photo iphone apps 04 10 Fun Photo Applications for iPhone

I am female, but I have had a picture with a fake mustache for quite some time up on Facebook, as well as with a monocle. That is why when I came across this app, I immediately fell in love. The concept is simple: you take a picture, you add a mustache to it. There are some other features, but that is the bulk of it. But what makes it really great is that some of the ‘staches look genuine. I have a great picture now of both of my young daughters with handlebars riding a rocking horse.

5. Photoshop

photo iphone apps 05 10 Fun Photo Applications for iPhone

You are probably well aware of Photoshop for the PC. Now the iPhone has a more basic version that allows for pretty cool photo manipulation through the app. This is a must have, as you can edit colors, change sizes, manipulate images, add filters, combine photos and more. It is a fantastic application that put in all of the best basic features of the original.

6. Juxtaposer

photo iphone apps 06 10 Fun Photo Applications for iPhone

This is another fun little app that is great for entertainment value. It allows you to take various images, take out certain parts and add them to others to create a new picture. This can be done for humor or sentimental purposes, or really for any reason you can think of. It is easy to use, though the controls take some getting used to.

7. FantasyLens

photo iphone apps 07 10 Fun Photo Applications for iPhone

Like the look of traditional portraits? This app basically allows you to take a photo from your phone and turn it into one. You can add in various filters that make it look like famous portraits, or make something new. I made one of myself as the Mona Lisa for a Facebook photo. It isn’t very complex, but it is a fun one.

8. 80s Hair

photo iphone apps 08 10 Fun Photo Applications for iPhone

Remember the 80′s? While we might have some occasional faux pas in the world of fashion and style today, that entire decade seemed to be a never ending horror show of bad choices. The best example of this is probably in the hair. Yes, the hairstyles were truly horrid things, and you can bring them back! All you have to do is select a photo (preferably of someone you hate) and add in the ‘do.

9. Demoralizer

photo iphone apps 09 10 Fun Photo Applications for iPhone

I am sure we have all seen plenty of Demotivational posters since they began hitting the web. They are basically humorous posters that show an image and a related caption, usually cynical. You can make your own with this app by adding one of 20 captions onto an image of your choosing.

10. D-bagifier

photo iphone apps 10 10 Fun Photo Applications for iPhone

Everyone knows a douchebag, and we see them every day on TV, in the street….you might even be one and not know it. Whether you are or not, you can make your own d-bag by using this app to add bling, grills, caps, t-shirtsl, sunglasses and a bunch of other random items.

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